Trench Rescue Training

This class is designed to meet rescue professionals with the tools and knowledge needed to rescue individuals from Trench and excavation incidents all types in a safe and efficient manner. This course is designed to improve the safety and productivity of Trench rescue/ industry workers. This course meets all applicable OSHA and NFPA standards. The course covers basic and specialized equipment, safety considerations, scene management and organization, management in a Trench/excavation environment. Students will learn Not only must the mechanical issues of stabilization be considered, but patients may also be facing traumatic injuries, hypothermia or experiencing the often forgotten complications of Crush Syndrome. Or Trench rescue programs can be delivered in awareness, operations, and technician levels. Each discipline has a set numbers of hrs of training.
Trench and excavation incidents are "Low Frequency, High Hazard" rescues. Our goal is to prepare potential rescuers to safely assess and mitigate site hazards, organize and implement a rescue effort and effectively extricate victims.

  • Rescue Preparation
  • Soil Analysis
  • Types of Collapse
  • Industry Construction Standards
  • Shoring Techniques ( Timber Vs. Pneumatic )
  • Spot Shoring and Panel Shoring
  • T and L Trenches, Depth, Width and Angulations
  • Incident Command for Trench Rescue
  • Patient Packaging and Extrication

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