Tower Rescue Training

This class is designed to meet rescue professionals with the tools and knowledge needed to rescue individuals from Tower of all types in a safe and efficient manner. This course is designed to improve the safety and productivity of tower rescue/ industry workers. This course meets all applicable OSHA and NFPA standards. The course covers basic and specialized equipment, ropes and rigging, safety considerations, scene management and organization, ascending and descending, belaying, lowering and raising systems and litter management in a tower environment. Students will learn the dangers of working around cell, radio, and microwave transmitters and receivers according the OSHA and the FCC. Students will learn the different methods needed to achieve a positive outcome in Tower Rescue. Towers are being constructed in our own back yards. Does your department have the training to accomplish a positive outcome?

Some of the Techniques that will be covered:

  • Repelling
  • Pickoff of stranded workers and civilians
  • Lowering and raising systems
  • Lead climbing
  • Rescuing the rescuer
  • Horizontal Lower with a skate block
  • Hasty Team Concept
  • Maximizing the use of minamum anchors
  • And many more!

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