Last Chance Rescue Filters

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Last Chance Rescue Filters® start at $195.00 and Trainers Start at $128.00.
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The Extra Time You Need to Escape An Out-Of-Air Emergency.

The Last Chance Rescue Filter®

With its triple filtration and patented technology, it eliminates the potentially lethal gases present in a structure fire.  No matter which model of SCBA your department uses, there's a Last Chance Rescue Filter that will snap onto it in seconds.  Plus, with a 5 year shelf life and small, lightweight packaging, it's easily stored in a pocket or carried on your belt.  So it's guaranteed to be there when you need it most.  When your life's on the line, grip, rip, snap and GET OUT.

Gas Chart

Trainer Filters

Trainer Filters are available for Scott, Sperian, Draeger and MSA SCBA's. Trainers are a reusable and cost-effective way for you to practice changeover and emergency evacuation drills. Train with it in a NON-smoke environment only.

The Trainer Filter has a similar weight and similar breathing resistance as the real Last Chance Rescue Filter.

Your Trainer comes with a mock barrier pouch that is re-sealable by Velcro® for unlimited practice of removal and donning of the filter. Fire Departments should make sure that every Firefighter packs the mock barrier pouch and trainer into the Outer Protective Cover (sold separately above) and trains on the removal and donning process.
Trainer Filter 

Trainer Filters Filter for Scott Filter for Sperian Filter for Draeger Filter for MSA
Training Filter Filter for Scott Filter for Sperian Filter for Draeger Filter for MSA

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