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Industrial Safety Training

At Fire and Rescue Concepts, we take pride in providing quality Industrial services to industry. Our company can deliver realistic and valuable training to your employees while meeting the needs of OSHA and general safety requirements. We have Qualified Confined Space Rescue Instructors from the Department of Defense, State of North Carolina, and IFSAC. What a better way to teach your employees safety from the ones who actually have experience in the fields they teach. Our classes include but not limited to:

Confined Space Training
  • OSHA Confined Space Entry
  • Confined Space Rescue
  • Bloodborn pathogens
  • Trench
  • Hazwoper
  • CPR, AED, and First Aid
  • Fire Brigade
  • Fire Extinguisher
  • Emergency Preparedness
  • Standby Rescue Team
Confined Space Training

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Fire and Rescue Concepts
NCOSFM TR-Agriculture Rescue

Fire and Rescue Concepts - NCOSFM TR-Agriculture Rescue Fire and Rescue Concepts is getting a high demand for this program. All classes will be extensive hands on training. If you would like more information about the times and locations check below or if you or your department wishes to host a class please contact us at

October 20 - 24th, 2014

Confined Space Training at the Battleship USS North Carolina

NFPA 1670 Confined Space Rescue
(Battleship USS North Carolina)
Fire and Rescue Concepts introduces 5 days of Intensive
Training on the USS North Carolina BB-55
 NFPA 1006/1670 level training

NFPA 1670 Confined Space Rescue

(Click Here for Confined Space Training Flyer and Class Web Page)

Registration Deadline is September 5th 2014.


Canopy Tour Rescue Training


FRC Canopy Training

We now provide Canopy Tour Rescue Training. Fire and Rescue Concepts will provide Rescue Instructors and equipment to your Canopy Tour location. Our training program will provide your Canopy tour workers with the latest in equipment technology and up to date ANSI and NAPA standards for Rescue. For more information on bringing this rescue training to your Canopy Tour please contact us at

Fire and Rescue Concepts is a Organizational Member of
Association for Challenge Course Technology


Fire and Rescue Concepts
Firefighter Survival Training

Firefighter Survival Training Fire and Rescue Concepts has a 48' Mobile Firefighter Survival Trailer that can travel to your location. Our trailer can accommodate 4 - 40hrs of firefighter survival training. If you would like more information about our survival program and mobile simulator, please contact us at:

Mobile Simulator
Confined Space and Firefighter SCBA Maze

Fire and Rescue Concepts has a one of a kind state of the art Confined Space and Firefighter SCBA Maze mobile simulator. Our Mobile Simulator has over 250 of tunnels, pipes, stairs, attic spaces, entanglement areas, wall breaches, drop down floors, smoke machine, and recorded sounds for realistic training. This is perfect for R.I.T, Mayday, Search, Out of air emergency, firefighter confidence, survival, Confined Space, and Many more!!

Our simulator is a 48 drop frame Simi trailer and can be brought to your location with ease. Our simulator has state of the art safety features for the claustrophobic student.

Confined Space Training and Firefighter SCBA Maze Confined Space Training and Firefighter SCBA Maze

Email us to reserve and bring this state of the art Mobile Simulator to your department:



Fire and Rescue Concepts Weekend Emergency Services Programs

New Class Added!!

2013 Weekend Emergency Services School

Course Location & Name:

Course #




Wilson Fire School (TR –Ag Rescue)


Jan 25th-27th



Pender Fire School FF Combat & Survival


Jan 7th-9th



Davidson (TR-Ag Rescue )


Feb 15th-17th



Mcdowell (FF Confidence & Survival )


March 15th-17th



New Hanover Fire College (FF Combat & Survival )


April 22nd-24th



SouthWestern CC Fire College (Ag Rescue)


Oct 3rd-6th



2013 Fire Seminars

We will be at the South Atlantic Fire Expo Booth #810
Fire Rescue International Booth #5338

South Atlantic Fire Rescue Expo

FRI 2013